Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spiral Dynamics Color Codes

Does anyone understand the spiral dynamics color code? How does one know what color type they are? Do I just pick whatever color most matches my personality type? I'm thinking I'm blue (which just also happens to be my favorite color), but is there a test I have to take to determine this?



WH said...

The only way to really know what color(s) you are is to take the Global Values Test, which I don't think is available online anymore.

Otherwise, read as much as you can about the different Memes and try to use some observer self to look critically at who you are and what you believe -- then see which color(s) are closest.

The reality is that no one is just one color -- we are a mixture of different selves and developmental lines, each of which has its own level of development along the Spiral.

Check out this link: Cowan's SD Mini-Course, it should be a good intro if you haven't already found a good introduction to the Spiral.

Drop me a note at my site if you want more info, or have a look around -- I've written a bit about Spiral Dynamics.


kathy said...

i never heard of this before. there is soooooo much i don't know. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

you may want to check out this blog www.mahipal.blogspot.com
he has written about the colors and its corrosponding states of consciousness, you might find it helpful as I did

Sophia said...


You and me both, girl. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the link to the mini-course. I'll take it and see what I can learn. I've always wanted to know more about spiral dynamics and what little I've seen about it has confused me. I'll also browse your blog and see what you have. Thanks again for the explanation, too.

Sophia said...


Thanks for the link!

Ek Banda said...

hi there,

I think you dont just have one color in your life, IMO and in what I have seen a person resonates/displays with different colors/values in different areas/contexts of life.

They do not for me atleast represent a fixed linear movement, but rather ways of knowing how you percieve and move through the challenges of your world/existance.

You may want to read Cowans introduction to SD and also visit www.claregraves.com



PS seems someone has already recommened my blog to you, its my attempt to bring together SD, states of consciousness and the heroic quest of moving between the different spirals - in other words ones evolution